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Staffsmen is purpose-built to help brands measure, understand and improve the customer experience across critical touchpoints and channels:

Online E-Commerce
Third-Party Retail

Staffsmen’s custom, agile Customer Experience research solutions deliver proactive insights and automated, role-specific reporting, supporting you in quickly distilling learnings and outcomes, leading to direct action across your organization.

Customer Centered

Find out what it’s really like to do business with you. Gather the insights you need to delight customers and every location and customer touchpoint.

Find out why customers leave empty handed, and what you can do about it. You’ll better understand their what wants and needs you’re not fulfilling so you can act.

Satisfied customers are loyal customers. Find out what they’re saying about your company, listen to what they want and deliver to gain positive word of mouth.

Business Focused

Lean on our experience and insight. We can help you determine how to improve your customers’ experiences and/or drive your internal initiatives.

Gain detailed visibility of your competitors’ performance and products/services so you can quickly address your shortcomings, capitalize on your strengths and stand out.

Employee Centered

Reduce turnover and increase productivity by listening to your employees’ constructive feedback. Determine which employee-suggested improvements will result in the highest return on investment.

Experience success from the inside, out. Empower your managers and front-line supervisors to model and measure the specific behaviors that most significantly drive customer delight, and sales.

Never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement. Provide on-the-spot rewards to employees who demonstrate outstanding customer service or performance.

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