Design, Gather, Interpret and Advance

Leading companies turn to Staffsmen to address their unique business challenges. We understand that each industry requires a slightly different approach to maximize the value of the solution and will adapt the following fundamentals of our approach to suit your unique needs.


With an intimate understanding of your challenges, we will draw on an arsenal of proven services, solutions and best practices from industry leaders to design your program. Our survey forms are designed to isolate unique human, digital, and business factors that delight your customers and set your brand apart from your competitors.
In addition, we can integrate data from all parts of your organization to produce consolidated reports that clearly pinpoint strengths and opportunities as measured from a variety of sources. The goal is to uncover which tangible elements of your customers’ experiences are most significantly driving their delight and satisfaction or identify any opportunity for improvement.


Once we understand your aspirations, we begin an intensive fact-gathering and analysis process aimed at fully framing the factors that connect to your challenges and objectives. The scope of this stage varies depending on the complexity of the challenge and the internal information you provide, but it often incorporates the following components:
Company Assessment: Understanding your brand promise, strategic objectives and any relevant current or past initiatives; analysis of any available training materials and customer satisfaction data
Market / Competitor Assessment: Identifying customer and market trends, your competitive landscape and competitive initiatives. Customers Assessment: Mapping the customer experience and identifying key attributes and behaviors that drive customer satisfaction, delight and loyalty.

Implementation and Measurement

The extensive preparation that goes into the design of your program ensures flawless implementation. During this stage, we continuously measure, analyze and improve the key drivers that directly influence customer gratification, advocacy and intent to return. Measuring performance is essential to enable you to make data-driven decisions that produce sustainable performance improvements.


We understand that data has no life of its own. We give legs to the data through our technology and approach to analysis. With the help of our market research experts, our proprietary web-based business intelligence platform, we use statistical analysis to interpret findings and quantify connections to the factors that influence profitability.
The result of this powerful customer experience analysis is actionable insights that empower your organization to drive customer delight and limitless profitability.

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We deliver solutions for restaurants, big box and specialty retail, grocery, petro-convenience, hospitality, travel, telecom, technology, energy, education, health and wellness, movie studios and theatres, fitness, financial services, gaming, CPG, alcohol and tobacco, pharma, government agencies and more.

Happy Clients

We are one of the best mystery shoppers in the industry and we always go the extra mile to ensure their success and satisfaction. We take tremendous pride in the level of service that we extend to our shoppers and we are grateful for having such a wonderful network of talented and dedicated mystery shoppers.

The following testimonials are a tribute to our dedication in guaranteeing the highest level of quality and commitment to our shoppers.

“I performed my first Mystery Shop in March of 2017. It was with Staffsmen and I’ve never looked back. Here are a few reasons why I love Staffsmen:
- Emma
“What I have found most rewarding and what it is like to work for Staffsmen Mystery Shopping is the fact that you can be your own boss, have a flexible work schedule throughout the week, and have a variety of shops to perform each month.
- Christine
San Jose, CA
“It has been a pleasure working as an investigator and shopper for Staffsmen LLC since February 10, 2020. They have several schedulers that I worked with on a consistent basis.
Tallahassee, FL
Their schedulers are professionals. If you have an issue, they will call you back or email. Problems are solved and there is no flaking on the shop.
- Ann
Denver, CO
You have the potential to make lots of money, be in business for yourself, and earn free stuff whether it is free food, free merchandise, etc. At last, being the shopper who evaluates the employees while at their place of business.
- Della
Springfield, IL
They have a stressful and busy regimen to follow in order to complete their monthly assignments, and they have all proven to be professional, courteous, and helpful in assisting me in the completion of my shopping assignments.
- Flora
Annapolis, MD