Gain Valuable Customer Insights


How It Works

With the assistance of Staffsmen’s customer intercept interview services, you would learn why customers leave your business empty-handed and what you can do to eliminate it.

We’ll directly interview customers as they leave your business as part of your program. This allows you to actually pay attention to your customers, ascertain the reasons behind their indecision, and gain a more in-depth understanding of both their wants and the needs you aren’t meeting.

Get Insights at Your Exits

Customer intercept interviews are especially insightful because they take place at your location(s) during or immediately following your customers’ purchasing experiences, customer intercept interviews are particularly revealing. Customers can describe their reasons for buying or not buying and accurately recall recent elements of their shopping experiences here.

Your revenue can improve significantly with even a small percentage increase in the number of clients who make purchases from you. We’ll work with you to collect important data from clients who decide not to buy so you can better comprehend — and enhance — the client experience.

Staffsmen will assist you in developing interview questions that clearly and succinctly elicit the data you require, such as:

  • Who or what divisions did your customer deal with?
  • What unmet demands do your consumers have?
  • Why do shoppers leave your store(s) without making a purchase?
  • The consumer made a planned or impulsive purchase.
  • If they made an impulsive buy, why?
  • Where else, if planned, would they have thought to buy the product(s)?
  • Are your marketing materials and displays effective at attracting customers?
  • What other stores do your consumers frequent, and why?

Why Staffsmen?

Staffsmen benefits you with top-quality services and data at highly competitive rates. Due to our efficient processes, rules-based systems and sophisticated consulting of our intercept interviewers, our error rate is almost non-existent. We also pride ourselves on having the best quality assurance processes in the industry:



We review data in depth to ensure that interviewers are collecting highly detailed consumer feedback.


Quality assurance editors follow-up with the majority of intercept interviewers to ask specific questions and to provide recognition and/or constructive feedback for future interview assignments they may take.


Our dedicated staff of in-house field operations project managers will speak one-on-one with your intercept interviewer(s) to ensure they’re fully prepared, completely understand the specific client requirements and know that immediate support is only a phone call away should any questions or concerns arise.


Direct interaction with an interviewer helps boost response rates, broaden ranges of respondents and increase the length and quality of the responses you receive. Our customer intercept interviewers know that the manner in which they gather your data is just as important as the data itself. As an extension of your company, they will be courteous, appreciative and sincerely engaged when interacting with your customers.

Give Customers What They Want

Better understand why they’re not purchasing, then act, with customer intercept interview services from Staffsmen.